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Study in Canada

(The Land of Academic Excellence)

Embark on an educational journey in Canada, a land renowned for academic excellence, where international students find an extraordinary destination for high-quality education, brimming with future opportunities.

At VisaWorks Canada, we expertly navigate the intricate path to obtain a Canadian Study Permit, providing an international student’s guide to realizing your academic aspirations. In response to the increasing demand from international students, drawn by affordable tuition fees, top-tier universities, post-study work permits, and potential immigration prospects, we assist you in selecting tailored courses to study in Canada. When your study visa application is approved, the Immigration and Refugee Commission grants you a visitor visa complete with essential documentation, often coinciding with the admission process between March and September.

Securing a Canadian Study Permit, while it may appear daunting, is entirely achievable with the right guidance. Ensure eligibility with an acceptance letter, financial and identity documents, and our experts will meticulously assist you in assembling the application, verifying the completeness of the required paperwork from your home country to meet immigration criteria, ensuring a seamless process. Discover the world of academic excellence in Canada; contact VisaWorks Canada today to explore the boundless possibilities that await

Study as an Undergraduate

Each Canadian province has established its own regulations regarding the legal minor age for pursuing higher education. Our consultants are here to provide guidance on the specific requirements for under-18 students who are not Canadian nationals or permanent residents, ensuring a smooth transition into the Canadian education system.

Graduate Programs

As an adult student in Canada, you have the flexibility to work over 35 hours per week, and your spouse may be eligible for an open work permit in Canada. This unique opportunity opens doors for personal and professional growth, and our experts are here to support your academic journey.

Study Permit Extension

If you aspire to continue living in Canada after completing your studies, we offer consultation services to explore the options available for extending your stay in this vibrant nation. Our certified consultants will guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions about your future in Canada.

Study English as Second Language(ESL) in Canada:

Choosing Canada as your English learning destination can be a vital step in your path to Canadian citizenship. Canada’s language courses have transformed the lives of thousands of students by enhancing their English proficiency. VisaWorks Canada is your partner in reaching your life and career goals.

Amazing Future Is Waiting For You

Calculate Your Express Entry Points. Utilize our self-assessment tool to calculate your points for Canadian immigration. This user-friendly resource empowers you to gauge your potential and chart your course toward a successful immigration journey to Canada.

Getting Canadian Study Visa is tricky but not impossible

Ensure that you are eligible for a study permit in Canada. You need an acceptance letter, financial and identity documents. If you are eligible, you can assemble the study permit form. Verify that you hold all the paperwork needed for your home country. An immigration official has the right to reject the application if you can’t demonstrate that you meet the conditions. Before submitting the application, our expert consultant makes sure to check all the essentials for immigration.