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Canada Global Talent Stream (GTS) (Complete Guide)

Canada Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) is a cornerstone of Canada’s immigration system. It aims to attract highly skilled workers from around the globe. This program is part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). It provides a fast-tracked process for Canadian employers to hire top talent. The GTS helps fill critical labour shortages. It supports Canada’s economic growth and innovation.

The GTS is essential for businesses looking to stay competitive. It allows employers to quickly bring in skilled workers who can drive innovation. For workers, the GTS offers a clear pathway to employment in Canada. This article will explore all aspects of the GTS, including eligibility, application processes, and benefits.

What is the Canada Global Talent Stream?

The Global Talent Stream is designed to help Canadian companies recruit highly skilled foreign workers. It focuses on positions that are difficult to fill domestically. The stream is divided into two categories: Category A and Category B.

The GTS offers significant benefits. Employers can hire talent quickly and efficiently. Workers benefit from faster processing times. This makes it easier for them to start their new jobs in Canada.

History and Background

The GTS was launched in 2017. It was introduced as part of Canada’s Global Skills Strategy. The goal was to help Canadian companies grow by giving them access to global talent.

Since its inception, the GTS has evolved. Changes have been made to streamline the process and expand eligibility. These adjustments have made the GTS more accessible and effective for both employers and workers.

Eligibility Criteria for Employers

To participate in the GTS, employers must meet specific criteria. They need to demonstrate a genuine need for foreign talent. They must also show that they have tried to fill the position with Canadian workers.

Certain types of employers are particularly eligible. These include high-growth companies that need specialized talent. Employers must also partner with a designated referral organization.

Eligibility Criteria for Workers

Workers applying through the GTS must also meet certain requirements. They need to have specialized skills that are in demand. Typically, these skills are in areas like IT, engineering, and science.

In addition to their skills, workers must have relevant educational and professional experience. This ensures that they can contribute effectively to their new roles in Canada.

GTS Categories

Category A: High-Growth Employers

Category A focuses on high-growth companies. These employers need unique and specialized talent to drive their growth. To qualify, employers must be referred by a designated partner organization.

This category is ideal for companies looking to scale rapidly. It helps them bring in the talent they need to succeed.

Category B: In-Demand Occupations

Category B targets occupations that are in high demand across Canada. The government maintains a list of these occupations, which includes roles in technology, engineering, and other fields.

This category is beneficial for employers facing labor shortages in critical areas. It allows them to fill these gaps quickly and efficiently.

How to Apply for the Global Talent Stream

Applying for the GTS involves several steps. Employers must first determine their eligibility and gather the necessary documentation. This includes proof of their efforts to hire Canadian workers.

Next, employers submit their application along with the required documents. It’s crucial to complete this step carefully to avoid delays. Common mistakes include incomplete forms and missing documents.

Processing Times and Fees

One of the main advantages of the GTS is its fast processing times. Most applications are processed within two weeks. This allows employers to bring in skilled workers quickly.

There are also fees associated with the application. Employers need to pay a processing fee. They should also be prepared for any additional costs related to the hiring process.

The Role of the Labour Market Benefits Plan (LMBP)

A key component of the GTS is the Labour Market Benefits Plan (LMBP). This plan outlines how the employer will benefit the Canadian labor market by hiring foreign workers.

Developing an effective LMBP is crucial. It should include commitments to create jobs, invest in skills training, and enhance diversity. Examples of commitments include hiring a certain number of Canadian workers or providing training programs.

Advantages of the Global Talent Stream

The GTS offers numerous benefits for both employers and workers. For employers, it provides a quick and efficient way to fill critical positions. This helps them stay competitive in a global market.

For workers, the GTS offers a fast track to employment in Canada. It allows them to take advantage of opportunities in a vibrant and growing economy. The GTS also supports Canada’s economic growth by addressing labor shortages.

Challenges and Limitations

Despite its many benefits, the GTS does have some challenges. Employers may struggle with the application process or meet all the requirements. Workers might face challenges related to relocating and adjusting to a new country.

There are also limitations to the GTS. Not all positions or companies are eligible. It’s important to understand these limitations and plan accordingly.

Case Studies and Success Stories

There are many success stories of companies and workers who have benefited from the GTS. These case studies highlight the positive impact of the program on businesses and individuals.

For example, a tech company in Toronto used the GTS to hire a software engineer from India. This hire allowed the company to develop new products and expand its market.

Tips for a Successful Application

To ensure a successful application, employers should follow best practices. This includes preparing all necessary documents and providing detailed information about their needs.

Workers should also be proactive. They should gather all required documentation and be prepared for the application process. Utilizing professional assistance can also be beneficial.

GTS and Other Immigration Programs

The GTS complements other Canadian immigration programs. It offers a fast and efficient pathway for skilled workers. However, it’s important to understand how it fits with other programs like the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs.

By integrating the GTS with other programs, employers and workers can maximize their opportunities. This can lead to a smoother and more successful immigration process.

Future of the Global Talent Stream

The GTS is expected to continue evolving. Future trends may include expanded eligibility and streamlined processes. Potential policy changes could also enhance the program’s effectiveness.

Staying informed about these trends and changes is crucial. It helps employers and workers make the most of the GTS.

Resources and Support

There are many resources available to help with the GTS. Government websites provide detailed information and guidelines. Support services are also available for both employers and workers.

Professional immigration consultants, like VisaWorks Canada Ltd., offer personalized assistance. They can help navigate the complexities of the GTS and other immigration programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the processing time for a GTS application?

Most GTS applications are processed within two weeks.

Who can apply for the GTS?

Eligible employers and skilled workers with in-demand skills can apply for the GTS.

What is a Labour Market Benefits Plan (LMBP)?

An LMBP outlines how an employer will benefit the Canadian labor market by hiring foreign workers.

How to Transition from GTS to Permanent Residency

Many workers use the GTS as a pathway to permanent residency. There are several programs available for this transition. Understanding the steps involved can help ensure a smooth process.

Workers should start by exploring their options. This includes programs like the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs. Following the proper steps can lead to a successful transition.

Impact of GTS on the Canadian Labour Market

The GTS has a significant impact on the Canadian labor market. It helps address labor shortages and supports economic growth. By bringing in skilled workers, the GTS drives innovation and competitiveness.


The Global Talent Stream is a vital part of Canada’s immigration system. It provides a fast and efficient way for employers to hire skilled workers. For workers, it offers a clear pathway to employment in Canada.

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